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Thanks for checking out Roulette Wheel Confessions!  We’ve been getting LOTS of traffic here lately, and I’m not blogging here anymore.  I figured I would let you all know that I am now blogging over at From Helios to Hollywood.  Come check it out.  🙂



CONFESSION: I binge-watched all of Sons of Anarchy in 9 days… #sonsofanarchy #soa #sons #samcro


Yep. I did it. Six full seasons, plus the three season seven episodes which have aired, in nine fucking days.

When I started out last Saturday night, it was out of a small case of curiosity and that’s it. I almost quit three episodes in because I felt like there as too much missing information in the plot for me to get into. I hung on for one more episode and that’s where the tidbits of missing info started to fall into place.

Before I go any further, I want you all to know this post is going to be RIDDLED with spoilers. If you haven’t watched the show, go watch it, then read this. 😉

Spoiler Alert copy


CONFESSION: I have the MOTHER OF ALL QUESTIONS for the #Whovians out there!

CONFESSION: I am a hardcore #Whovian and went a little meme crazy. (#DoctorWho)

Confession: @GameOfThrones #FantasyFantasyLeague by @Malik4Play @Nerdist #ThatIsAll

This is amaaaaazing…….   O.O – Jena



Confession: I’ve thought about what I would do if I won the lottery and there’s a T.A.R.D.I.S. involved. #Tardis #Whovian #DoctorWho

Lottery Post

Not many people like to hear this but money really is what makes the world go ‘round. It’s not the key to happiness, but it sure can make you comfy as fuck. I’m not a faithful lottery ticket consumer. Once in a great while, I will get a scratch ticket, and when I say once in a great while, what I mean is I think the last time I purchased one was about two years ago. The reason I don’t buy lottery ticket is my big, fat goose egg of a return. I never win shit. This is not a ‘woe is me’ moment; it’s just a statement of fact. To me, the lottery is a waste of money and this is most certainly the case with most people who play faithfully.

I used to have a friend who has a serious gambling problem. She would play non-stop. Lottery tickets, scratch tickets, pull tab tickets, football squares, charity calendars….everything. She would get SUPER excited when she would hit a ticket for $100, and I had to be the asshole that would pipe up and say “yeah, but how much did you have to spend to score that winning ticket?” She never wanted to hear it.

That’s the problem with me and the lottery. I never lose sight of the amount you have to lay out to win anything. That being said, I almost always buy tickets when the jackpot gets super high. You know, when I have the lowest probability of winning. Lol Usually only $1.00 or $2.00, depending on what the game is, and it never fails. I immediately start thinking about what I would do with the money.

So, let’s lay out this scenario. What if you won?

Pretend there’s a jackpot and after taxes (don’t be an irresponsible jackass, pay your taxes or you’ll end up in jail), your take home is $500,000,000. Five hundred million dollars. Half a billion dollars.

First off, that is FAR more money than any one human being could possibly need to live a cushy life. I am sure if I REALLY put my thinker to it, I could figure out ways to piss away every last penny, but what’s the fun in that? Think realistically about what you need in life and what you want in life.

I decided to make a list. Again, assuming $500,000,000 is at my disposal, this is what I would do with it…


Confession: Twenty-One-Three Was the Year That Kicked Ass and Then Kicked MY Ass

I wasn’t sure I was going to do a year-in-review type post this year. Not because I didn’t have anything to say. The problem is quite the opposite, 2013 being a year of highs, the only lows being the bookends of it all.